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Quality and Standards of Pre-Roll Tube Packaging

Quality and Standards of Pre-Roll Tube Packaging

Pre Rolled Tubes Packaging Quality

The demand for pre-rolled joints, cones, blunts and spliffs has been steadily on the rise. This increase in demand has resulted in a growing need for high-quality pre-roll tubes and pre-roll tube packaging.

Now considered an essential item for dispensaries, processors, manufacturers and independent brands both on and offline, pre-roll tube packaging quality and standards are more important than ever before.

The right pre-roll tube packaging provides a convenient and safe way for medical and recreational users of cannabis to reliably transport their pre-roll products at home or on the go. For brands, quality pre-roll tube packaging can be a clear differentiating factor, helping them stand out from the crowd, draw in the right attention, and clearly communicate key benefits and unique aspects of the product.

At Hara Supply we work with the best manufacturers to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality pre-roll tube packaging options at an incredible value. From custom printing and branding, to unique and innovative packaging solutions, we have what you need to protect the integrity of your pre-roll products, enhance the reputation of your brand, instill consumer trust and earn you more sales.

Call or message today for a free initial consultation with an expert who can help you find the perfect solution for your needs, budget and timeline.


Pre-Roll Tube Packaging Quality Guide

Although a myriad of products exit to package “pre-rolls”, from child-resistant boxes outfitted with a sliding mechanism, to simple cigarette boxes, the gold standard of packaging is the pre-roll tube.

Available in a broad spectrum of designs, styles, sizes and materials, dispensaries and brands find the affordability, availability and customizable options of these tubes an attractive proposition.

What is a Pre-roll Tube?

These tubes are uniquely engineered containers designed in a cylindrical shape. Their ultimate purpose is to preserve, protect, seal, market and make the transport of pre-rolls simple, safe and efficient. They are made from a variety of materials, ranging from biodegradable natural hemp, to glass, aluminum and polypropylene (a food-grade plastic).

Those tubes made from plastic are sometimes referred to as “pop top tubes” due to a unique opening mechanism. Squeezing the flexible plastic towards the top of the tube results in the lid “popping” open. 

Why the Pre-roll Tube is a Good Option for Packaging

  • Easily customizable to meet virtually any need or desire
  • Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and designs
  • Affordable and economical 
  • Readily accessible in bulk
  • Reliably protects and keeps products fresh 
  • Smell/odor proof options
  • Child-resistant packages
  • A myriad of customizable branding options 

Pre-roll Tubes and Child Safety / Child Resistant

Child safety is a top priority and concern for sellers, manufacturers and consumers alike. Even “pop top” tubes incorporate an element of child safety to prevent accidental exposure. For example, the force necessary to make a pop-top tube open is rated at that greater than a child up to a certain age should be able to deliver.

Standard Classification of Child-Resistant Packaging 

Are Pre-Roll Rubes Child-Resistant?

Under ASTM D-3475 there are certain standards a package must meet in order to be considered “child resistant”. For example, it defines the particular type of tools, skills and motions that would be needed to open a package. In order to claim “child resistance” a product must be determined by the manufacturer to have met the guidelines of the PPPA of 1970 including CFR Title 16 Part 1700 and Title 40 Part 157.2. 

As part of meeting ASTM D-3475 certification, the package must have been tested with no less than 100 children under the age of five. In order to achieve a “passing” score, this test must reveal that 85 of the 100 children (or 85%) were unable to open the pre-roll tube with a demonstration.

Balanced Protection / Resistance 

Although most of the attention is typically placed on child-resistance, it is important that this does not come at the cost of making the product inaccessible to those between the ages of 50-70 who may not be able to provide the force necessary to open the pre-roll tube.

The measure we aim to hit is that 90% or more of adults between the ages of 50-70 are able to open the pre-roll tube. If the tube requires so much force that it needs to be leveraged against a hard surface such as a table or countertop, the user risks damaging the pre-roll inside. This is not an ideal situation for anyone.

At Harra Supply we work closely with our manufacturers to develop, engineer, and produce high-quality pre-roll tubes that are both child-resistant as well as accessible to the ageing population which represents a large market segment of the cannabis industry (especially for medicinal use).

Standard and Custom Pre-Roll Rube Sizes

Pre-roll tubes are available in a range of sizes varying in length, diameter and shape. Industry-standard sizes, as well as custom sizes, can be purchased.

Examples of Standard Sizes Include:

  • 16mm
  • 90mm
  • 98mm
  • 116mm

Most dispensaries carry a number of differing sizes appropriate for each product line they carry such as various sized blunts and joints.

Custom Branding for Quality Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes although standard, can be customized in several ways to suit the needs of brands and dispensaries. 

Customization Options Include but are Not Limited to:

  • Tube color
  • Pre-roll tube stickers
  • Direct printing of graphics on the tube
  • Branded and custom-designed shrink wrap around the tube 

If you'r an online retailer, see: 10 Things To Keep Stocked At Your Headshop

Odor Proof, Air-tight Packaging

High-quality pre roll tubes will be built to a standard that provides both odor control as well as a tight seal to ensure freshness. These tubes are uniquely engineered to keep oxidizing air and damaging moisture out, while locking aroma in. They do a job similar to smell proof bags. 

Learn more: Why Smell Proof Bags Are Superior to Glass Containers

Interested in Exploring your Options?

At Hara Supply we are dedicated to helping our clients grow and prosper, supporting them with the highest quality products at incredible value. Our pre-roll tube packaging is engineered and manufactured to the highest of standards, ensuring you have the best packaging options for your business.

Call or message today and get connected with an expert who is eager to help you find the perfect solution. Orders big or small we do it all. From standard pre-roll tubes to full customization, we have you covered from A-to-Z.

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