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Child Resistant | Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes | 78mm - Clear Plastic - 1200 Count


These clear 78mm Child-Resistant Pop Top Pre-Roll Joint Tubes are the perfect inconspicuous travel companion. They're small enough to be stored in any pocket or bag, and the opaque tube offers a safe way to store your products. These pop-top joint tubes are perfect for all your medical and recreational needs.

The container offers an industry-standard squeeze top child resistance feature that is easy for adults to use and certified child-resistant by CPSC and ASTM testing protocol standards. These joint tubes offer an airtight seal to persevere freshness and offer ultimate security against children.

Details & Specifications

  • 1,200 units per case
  • ASTM & CPSC certified
  • Feature: Squeeze-top Child Resistant design
  • Color: Opaque black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Tube length: 78mm
  • Tube diameter: 19mm
  • Cap height: 3.5mm