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Child Resistant | Front Push Button Pre Roll Tin Box 120mm x 58mm x 13.5mm


Our large Child Resistant Hinged-Lid Joint Box is ideal for pre-rolls that are 110mm or shorter. These sturdy, but sleek tins are airtight to preserve your joints' freshness while keeping smells in, and their two-button closure ensures its contents are safe from children.

Customize It: These joint boxes can be completely customized with your art or logo. Get in touch with our custom design team, and they'll give you options on how you can make this blank container reflect your brand. The fact that these tins are reusable means your branding will stay with your customers long after they've smoked their dog walkers.

Features & Specifications

  • Material: Tin
  • Fully customizable
  • Child Resistant

Standard Sizes

  • 120mm x 58mm x 13.5mm