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Child Resistant | Low Profile Hinged Lid Pre Roll Tin Box 100mm x 60mm x 20mm

The perfect promotional packaging container for pre-rolled joints! These Hinged-Lid Tin Boxes are sold blank so our in-house custom design team can work with you in getting your brand, logo, or message across to your customer.
  • Child Resistant: The tin's durable hinged lid snaps tightly closed making it Child Resistant.
  • Perfect size: These tin boxes are the perfect size for 7 to 10 pre-roll joints under 95mm in length.
  • Smooth edges: The containers have 4 smooth, round edges, and they're the perfect size for a pocket, purse, or backpack. (They're a few millimeters larger than a standard Altoids box.)
  • Multi-function: While these tins are perfect for Dog Walker-sized pre-rolls, they can also be used for edibles or shatter.

Standard Sizes:

  • 100mm x 60mm x 20mm