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Pre-Roll Child Resistant Tubes

Child Resistant Packaging for Marijuana & Cannabis

Millions of law-abiding adults enjoy cannabis across the nation and around the world. While adults are accustomed to easily identifying the smell, labels or packaging, children are not.

The Importance of Child Resistant Packaging 

Child resistant packaging for marijuana and cannabis is a key consideration for dispensaries and cannabis producers alike. We have a unique responsibility to ensure our products reduce the potential risks associated with accidental access or ingestion by children. Unlike adults, children may not easily recognize or understand that your gummy or brownie could be dangerous to them.

Our customer-friendly, child-resistant packaging is designed and expertly engineered to meet or surpass safety regulations and bolster your brand’s aesthetics and visual appeal.

Custom Child Resistant Containers, Tins and Packaging 

Custom packaging provides dispensaries and other customers with the ability to have packaging completely tailored to enhance the user experience while keeping their products safe and secure.

Custom child resistant packaging for cannabis is often the perfect option for uniquely shaped products such as cartridges, edibles, pre-roll packages and more.

Made from high-quality materials and engineered to the highest of standards, our containers are uniquely crafted specifically for the marijuana and cannabis industry. 

Custom Options Include But are Not Limited to:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colors 
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Lid types
  • Materials 
  • Full color 
  • Printing on the inside and/or outside 
  • Fitted to virtually any product 
  • Tray inserts (tin, plastic, foam)
  • And more…

Hemp Smell Proof Containers

Cannabis and marijuana give off a notoriously distinctive odor that can attract the curious minds and noses of children. Our hemp smell proof containers utilize odor-locking technology to effectively conceal and hide the smell of your cannabis, be it dry herb, rolled joints, candies, concentrates or other products.


Pre Roll Tins

Pre-roll tins are the perfect companion for storing joints, blunts and pre-rolled cones. Not only will they keep your pre-rolls fresh, moisture-free and potent, but they will also trap the aroma and ensure your pre-rolls are always safe secure and ready to light up at a moment’s notice.

Custom Tins for Joints

Joints are a classic, reliable and flavorful way to enjoy cannabis, but they are hard to keep safe, protected, and out of the reach of curious kids. Custom tins for joints provide a discreet, reliable and portable way to store your joints between sessions.

Custom Packaging Option to Suite Any Need

We make custom packaging for marijuana and cannabis easy! Our team can help you choose the perfect options for your dispensary or shop.

Do you need unique sizes? Branding? Child-resistant features? Color printing?

No matter how simple or complex your needs, our team can help you find just what you need, easily, quickly and affordably.

Material and Sizes 

Once you’ve determined the type of packaging you need, next up is narrowing down the size, dimensions and materials best suited for your products. At this stage considering factors such as utility/function, safety, sustainability, and brand appeal are important.

Need Help? Have More Questions? 

At HaraSupply we’re relentlessly dedicated to providing superior quality products, custom solutions, and value that helps our partners, from smoke shops to dispensaries grow, prosper and ‘wow’ their customers.

Call or message us today and find out why so many customers trust us to provide them with custom child-resistant packaging for marijuana and cannabis.

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