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Wholesale Custom Joint & Blunt Tubes

Wholesale Pre Roll Tubes

Despite the myriad of ways to smoke cannabis, joints and blunts still top the list of “go-to” standbys. They are simple, classic, and reliable.

But storing and/or traveling with them can be a challenge. Custom joint and blunt tubes offer the perfect solution. Wholesale pre-roll tubes can be used with joints, blunts, and pre-rolled cones, providing superior protection, portability, discretion, and freshness.

Our custom joint and blunt tubes are produced under the highest quality standards and designed to offer a number of benefits your customers can rely on.

Bulk Tubes for Dispensary Shops: Features

Maintain Optimal Freshness: With wholesale pre-roll tubes your customers can prepare multiple joints ahead of time and save them for later without the risk of moisture or oxidation ruining their bud.

Smell Proof: Trap odors and increase discretion with wholesale joint and blunt tubes that utilize odor-locking technology.

Child Resistant: Our wholesale pre-roll tubes incorporate childproof designs to increase child resistance and ensure safety.

Discreet: Discreetly store and travel with your favorite strains rolled up in joints, cones or blunts without the worry of “being found out”.

Available in a Range of Sizes: We know that every roll is as unique as the individual who made it. Our wholesale tubes are available in small, medium, large, and every size in-between.

Packaging Material Options: Food grade plastic, shatter-resistant glass, metal, and more.

Call or message us today and find out why Hara Supply is the “go-to” supplier of wholesale bulk tubes for dispensary shops in the USA. Our team is standing by and eager to learn more about how we can help you serve your customers with high-quality products at affordable prices that offer incredible value for everyone.

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