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Why Are Smell Proof Bags Superior to Glass Containers to Store your Marijuana?

Why Are Smell Proof Bags Superior to Glass Containers to Store your Marijuana?

What's Better to Store Your Cannabis: Smell Proof Bags or Containers

As someone that enjoys marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, you know all too well that having the right container for storage can make a big difference. From the ease of transportation, to reducing odors and maintaining freshness, the right container can mean the difference between keeping your bud safe, secure and fresh…or not.

The likelihood is that you’ve already had a bad experience or two (or three) when testing out various storage options. We’ve all been there, having used a sandwich bag or pop-top bottle in a pinch. But as you likely found out, these makeshift solutions will only get you so far.

That leaves us with two primary storage and transportation options: 

  1. Smell Proof Bags
  2. Glass Containers

Both have their pros and cons. But smell proof bags have quickly outpaced traditional glass containers as the often-preferred way to store and transport your cannabis. But why? What makes them so much better? 

This guide will explore the benefits (and potential cons) of each so that you can make the determination for yourself. So toke up and let’s dive right in shall we…

Smell Proof Bags – the superior option

Being an unashamed user of cannabis doesn’t mean you have to be “loud” about it. Unfortunately, there is still a degree of social stigma surrounding the world’s favorite herb. This leaves many users conscientious about how to be discreet when using, storing and transporting marijuana.

The Importance of Odor Control 

Whether at home or in public, controlling the pungent and powerful aroma of cannabis is often a top priority. Although we all love and enjoy the scent of cannabis, with aromatic terpenes being a major source of medicinal and therapeutic properties, this aroma can also cause issues, especially when travelling.

Although glass containers offer a degree of scent control, they have a few downsides in this department. Improper or loose seals can cause smells to permeate out of the container. Glass containers that become warm (due to being against your body in a pocket or from being outdoors on a hot day) can cause aromatic particles to build up and seep out around rubber seals. Further, cannabis residue can stick to the outside of the glass, giving off a faint scent of weed.

By contrast, smell-proof bags are uniquely designed and engineered from food-safe materials with superior odor control properties. These bags are scientifically made and tested to provide safe, secure, unmatched and reliable odor control, ensuring the only time you’ll smell your bud is when you open up the bag.

Why Marijuana Odor Control Matters So Much:

  • Avoiding the social stigma associated with cannabis 
  • Preventing issues at work
  • Discretion at home (especially when you live with children)
  • Discreet travel and transportation in public settings
  • And more…

Secure and Protect your Cannabis

Smell proof bags are designed to provide both privacy and protection while safely securing your cannabis for future use. They are lined with padding designed to provide a soft touch and cushion your weed from impact, assisting in maintaining its integrity until use. Many designs come with pouches for additional storage and segmentation of your marijuana within the bag itself, allowing you to compartmentalize your bud as needed. 

Visual Privacy and Discretion 

Glass containers are easily spotted, bulky and hard to effectively hide discreetly. They can raise questions such as “what is in the jar” or “why are you carrying that around” and are generally uncomfortable or awkward to stuff in your pocket, purse or backpack.

Smell proof bags, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles ranging from ultra-discreet to those that mimic regular backpacks, purses or pouches that could be used for virtually anything. These designs allow the user to hide them in plain sight.

Other styles are generic, downplayed and opaque so that others won’t know what is inside. These styles can be easily carried around without raising an eyebrow and without the risk that a loose lid or seal will result in that readily identifiable aroma seeping out.

Freshness, Moisture Control and Oxidation

High-quality cannabis isn’t cheap, and many of us rely on it for therapeutic and medicinal reasons. This makes keeping our bud fresh and potent a key consideration when deciding how to store and transport our weed.

Presuming it has an adequate seal, glass containers can keep air out, but they have some major downsides. Clear containers allow in UV (sun) light, contributing to oxidation and degradation of your valuable bud. If any moisture is trapped in the glass container it can cause your weed to become soggy or act as a breeding ground for mold spores which can be hazardous to your health. 

Specially designed smell-proof cannabis bags can easily be manipulated to expel excess air that can cause your weed to go stale, are opaque and UV light resistant, and minimize moisture. 

Have you ever left a potato chip bag open or not tightly sealed? We all have and we all know what happens…they go stale. Don’t let that happen to one of your most valued resources. 

Styles and Options for Bags

Bags come in a variety of shapes and styles suitable for any situation or need. For example, branding can be added for dispensaries, labels added with state-mandated compliance information, or plain and discreet.

Bags are flexible and versatile, made from high-quality durable material that makes them as useful as they are popular. They are easy to open and reseal, privacy-minded and tear/rip-proof.

The Perfect Addition for Your Dispensary

Fact is, most consumers of cannabis prefer “odor proof” bags for their cannabis. All of the reasons above (and more) make them the often-preferred method to store and transport cannabis, from flowers and loose-leaf, to bakery edibles, candy or gummies.

Reach out today by phone, email or through our website and find out why so many dispensaries and customers choose us for superior smell-proof bags. Have a custom request or inquiry? Let us know, we can often accommodate unique needs that help you better serve your customers.

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