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Guide to Rolling Paper Sizes

Guide to Rolling Paper Sizes

Rolling Paper Sizes 

The rolling paper size that you choose can play a significant role in how much you enjoy your next joint. Whether you’re smoking a joint by yourself or with a large group of friends, it’s essential to choose a rolling paper size that can hold the perfect amount of cannabis. 

While the paper’s material and brand also matter, be sure to choose the correct size before deciding on a specific rolling paper. While size can vary depending on the manufacturer, most follow similar size constraints and nicknames. 

So, if you’re ready to learn more about rolling papers, it’s time to explore our guide to rolling paper sizes. If you don’t have experience with choosing rolling paper sizes, make sure to explore all the options in this article before choosing a specific product. You can be rest assured we have many Pre Roll Cone Certifications.

Popular Rolling Paper Sizes

While different companies produce different sizes, the rolling paper sizes below are the most common dimensions in the industry:

Single Wide Rolling Papers (Standard)

The standard rolling paper that you often find in cannabis stores or tobacco pouches is a Single Wide rolling paper. You may also hear this referred to as a “Standard” rolling paper. 

These are very popular rolling papers if you’re planning on using a rolling machine or device. As these are the typical papers that people use for self-rolled cigarettes, they’re very compatible with most existing rolling devices. 

In most cases, this type of rolling paper will be 70mm long and 36mm wide. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a solo smoke!

Interesting Fact: The reason that the Single Wide’s size has become the standard in the industry is actually due to regulations from hundreds of years ago. King James I of England introduced taxes on certain types of tobacco products, which resulted in the Single Wide size being a suitable and affordable option for smokers. 

Other Certifications: ISO 2019

1¼ (Classic) Rolling Papers

The 1¼ papers (also called classic papers) are the same length as Single Wide papers, but they’re slightly wider. They’re 78mm long and 44mm wide. If you’re looking for a rolling paper that can roll a larger joint than a Single Wide, this is the first step up. 

1½ Rolling Papers

The 1½ paper is yet another paper that shares the same length as a Single Wide. These papers are 78mm long and 79mm wide. 

Kingsize Rolling Papers

If you’re looking for a large rolling paper that can roll a joint for you and your friends, it’s essential to consider Kingsize rolling papers. The exact size of a Kingsize can vary significantly depending on the brand that you’re purchasing. 

For example, in some cases, a Kingsize can be 100mm long, and in other cases, it can be up to 110mm long. Additionally, a Kingsize paper will often range between 42mm and 46mm wide. 

Other Types of Rolling Papers

Novelty Papers 

While the rolling paper sizes outlined above are the most common options you’ll find when you head to your local smoke shop, you will find some other specialty papers you can purchase if you’re looking for something a little more creative. Pre-Rolled Cone Blunts are also popular. The sizes below are popular with smokers who are looking for custom smoking options, but they’re not available in all smoke shops – you might have to do a little digging to find either of these options:

12-Inch Papers

If you’re looking for extra-large joints, it’s time to consider 12-inch rolling papers. These provide you with enough paper to roll foot-long joints. While it might not be practical to smoke a joint this large on a regular basis, it can be fun to roll and smoke one with friends. 

Rolling Paper Rolls

If a 12-inch paper isn’t enough, there’s still one other option you can choose – rolling paper rolls. A rolling paper roll is a large roll that you can use to customize your own papers. If you want to roll custom-shaped joints or extra-large joints, rolling paper rolls will provide you with plenty of flexibility. 

Choose Bigger Rolling Papers if You’re Sharing

It may go without saying, but if you’re planning on smoking a joint in a group, it’s best to find rolling papers that can offer a bit of cannabis to everyone. While the 12-inch papers are massive, a Kingsize paper will be large enough for sharing among small groups. 

Sample Packs

If you’ve never tried varying rolling paper sizes, it’s time to consider a sample pack. Many rolling paper manufacturers produce sample packs that allow you to try multiple sizes. These can be excellent choices if you want to try out some new sizes. 

Don’t Forget Rolling Paper Material

While size is one of the most critical components to consider when you’re buying rolling papers, it’s also essential to consider the type of rolling paper you’re purchasing. As more rolling paper manufacturers enter the industry, you now have a long list of options available to you as a cannabis user. 

We recommend that you purchase rolling papers from manufacturers that are firmly committed to using natural materials when making their rolling papers. Remember: When you smoke a joint, you’re inhaling everything that’s inside of the rolling paper. It’s essential to choose a product that won’t have negative implications for your health. 

For example, some rolling papers have traces of heavy metals and GMO products. Fortunately, you can find plenty of other rolling paper manufacturers that are committed to using natural, bio-organic products. You’ll even find some rolling papers made from hemp fibers and other parts of the cannabis plant. 

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Explore Hara Supply’s Pre-Rolled Cones

If you’re searching for an easier way to enjoy your next joint, there’s no better tool than a pre-rolled cone. By purchasing a cone, you can pack a joint without the arduous process of rolling from start to finish. At Hara Supply, we produce a range of custom and premium cone options that help our clients smoke perfect joints – and they come in a broad range of sizes and designs. 

Check out our website today if you want to purchase pre-rolled cones from a reliable supplier!

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