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What is ISO 9001 2019 and Why is it Important

What is ISO 9001 2019 and Why is it Important

What Does it Mean to be an ISO 2019 Quality Management System?

What is ISO 9001?

The "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental, worldwide federation of members who assist companies across various industries in creating standards of operation for both industrial and commercial services and products. The organization was developed in 1947 with the goal of establishing quality standards for businesses and governments on a global scale. Today, it boasts members from 164 different countries and has successfully developed more than 22,000 requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics that aim to oversee and improve procedures for nearly every aspect of technology and business alike. 

There are seven operational and consumer-based principles of quality assurance management that can be improved upon and maintained by becoming a certified to ISO 9001 organization, and by using an ISO 9001 QMS system today:

  • Increased Customer Focus
  • Leadership Performance
  • Engagement of People
  • Process Approach
  • Overall Improvement
  • Evidence-based Decision Making
  • Relationship Management

ISO 18091:2019 specifically offers guidelines for local governments on understanding and implementing a quality management system that also meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which is business-focused and will assist various organizations in meeting the direct needs and expectations of customers and any other relevant parties by providing them with products and services on a consistent basis. These guidelines are implemented with hopes of balancing the expectations of consumers who are usually affected by budget restraints, environmental impacts, and frequent demographic changes.

What is the ISO?

Becoming ISO certified 9001 is a voluntary practice usually decided on by the company's founders or executive team. The certification creates documentation that gives all parties involved (including suppliers, partners, and even consumers) confidence in the organization's procedures, processes, and development and maintenance of any quality control methods.

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The QMS (quality management system) training timeline depends on a number of factors, including the executive and operating team's understanding of all requirements, the overall preparedness of an organization for the assessment, and of course, both the size of the organization and complexity of its practice. Regardless, in most cases, a company can expect to receive their ISO certification 9001 in approximately three to six months if all goes as planned. It is worth noting that individuals cannot become certified through ISO 9001, as these systems are created for businesses only. 

How Does the ISO 9001 Certification 9001 Audit Process Work?

While attempting to become officially, ISO 9001 certified, an organization will engage with an approved outside assessor from an approved third party company (ISO 9001 doesn't provide the assessment or certification themselves). The assessor will provide an objective opinion on the company's processes and either approve or deny whether the company has met the necessary requirements for certification.

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Once certification is complete, the organization is able to broadcast their accomplishment on its website and any other marketing materials. However, ISO incorporates a vast multitude of standards, so merely being "ISO 2019 Certified" means that the organization is certified only by that single standard, and not any others. Thus they will have to undergo multiple assessments if they choose to obtain multiple ISO certifications. With regard to the cannabis industry, companies are recommended to apply for the following certifications to ensure success through the use of regulatory requirements:

  • SO 9001:2015 - Standard requirement for QMS within an organization.
  • ISO 22000:2018 - Development of food safety management system within an organization
  • ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety system within an organization

What does ISO 2019 Quality Management Systems have within:

A quality management system (QMS) is defined as a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives.

The focus of ISO 9001 is primarily on business management and organization in order to implement how a company's information is reported, thus ensuring quality performance. It also works by implementing a variety of quality management systems so that any and all issues within an organization are properly reported and resolved through the use of quality management principles.

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What it Means to Implement an ISO 9001 QMS system: 

Essentially, ISO 9001 certification means customer requirements & standards exist to ensure consistency within an organization through the use of audit. The successful implementation of a QMS system will reflect in both standards of consumer satisfaction and the efficacy of a company's overall ability to function. By implementing an ISO quality management system, a company will likely see an improved quality management system by preventing common mistakes, facilitating and identifying opportunities for staff training, better security practices with regard to proprietary information, the opportunity for a more environmentally sustainable business by reducing waste and lowering costs, increased customer satisfaction across the board by communicating a readiness to produce consistent results, and improved occupational health and safety by implementing an organization-wide direction. The value of utilizing a quality management principles system is truly endless because the system continues to adapt and allow for continuous improvement over time and create better standards. 

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