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What are Hemp Fiber Rolling Papers?

What are Hemp Fiber Rolling Papers?

What Are Hemp Rolling Papers? 

If you’re looking for rolling papers to smoke your next joint, you might come across a variety of different options. As cannabis use becomes more accepted throughout the U.S., you can now find many more rolling paper options available on the market. 

While modern smokers have a range of excellent choices available, one type of rolling paper continues to capture the attention of smokers across multiple generations – hemp fiber. 

So, what are hemp rolling papers? In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about hemp rolling papers and their benefits to help you decide if this just might be the perfect rolling paper for your next joint.

What is Hemp Fiber?

If you want to understand more about hemp rolling papers, you first need to understand hemp. So, what is hemp fiber, and why do manufacturers use it to make rolling papers and other popular products?

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Hemp derives from the cannabis Sativa plant. The fiber in hemp is useful in creating clothing, rolling papers, and various other products. 

While hemp has only recently resurfaced as a popular fiber, it has a long history in the clothing industry. In fact, evidence exists that humans have used hemp fibers for tens of thousands of years. 

One of the reasons that hemp is such a significant fiber source is its ability to proliferate quickly. Cannabis plants grow much faster than other potential fiber sources. While many people don’t realize that the cannabis plant has applications outside of marijuana, hemp fiber usage is growing increasingly popular worldwide. 

History of Hemp Rolling Papers

While it makes sense that hemp is useful in creating rolling papers for cannabis users, it’s actually a relatively new phenomenon. While smoking with rolling papers has only emerged in the past few hundred years, people in the pre-paper era made rolling papers from corn husks. While corn husks remained a popular source for rolling papers, it wasn’t long until cannabis suppliers turned to hemp as an alternative source for rolling paper fiber. 

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Hemp rolling papers are much thicker than other traditional options on the market. If you’re searching for a natural rolling paper that won’t rip when you’re packing your next joint, hemp is worth your consideration. 

As hemp fiber’s popularity has soared over the past two decades, so has the use of hemp fiber to create rolling papers. Hemp papers are now one of the most popular types of rolling papers globally. 

Choosing a Cannabis Product as a Paper for Smoking Cannabis

If you’re an enthusiastic cannabis smoker, you’re probably committed to sourcing high-quality cannabis products. While you can find plenty of excellent rolling paper materials from which to choose, it makes sense to use rolling papers sourced from a cannabis product. 

Do Hemp Rolling Papers Have CBD?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that hemp rolling papers influence the high that you’ll experience when smoking your joint. While hemp rolling papers can certainly impact the quality of your smoke, they don’t contain any THC – so they will not enhance your high. 

See our Cone Size Chart and Rolling Paper Size Chart to decide what's best for you.

Do Hemp Rolling Papers Get You High?

While it can be tempting to think that your high will benefit from rolling papers originating from the cannabis plant, this isn’t the case with hemp. 

Save Trees with Hemp Rolling Papers

One of the many reasons that people enjoy using hemp rolling papers is that they reduce dependence on tree products. If you want to protect the earth’s forests, smoking with hemp papers is an excellent way to conserve much-needed trees worldwide. Since hemp papers consist of hemp fibers, you won’t need to worry about your cannabis use having an environmental impact. 

Popular Other Types of Rolling Papers 

So, now that you know more about hemp rolling papers, you might be wondering: What are some other common rolling-paper materials? Below, let’s explore some other materials frequently used to create rolling papers for cannabis smokers.

Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

Beyond hemp, classic wood pulp rolling papers continue to be popular since they offer plenty of thickness to their users. If you want a rolling paper that you can trust to hold a large joint, it’s hard to go wrong with a wood pulp rolling paper.

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice paper might not traditionally be associated with rolling papers, but plenty of manufacturers utilize rice to create paper-thin, lightweight rolling paper products. 

Still, remember that one of the primary benefits of hemp rolling papers is that they’re thicker and capable of holding plenty of cannabis. In contrast, rice rolling papers are much more likely to tear if you’re packing a large joint. Keep in mind, there are many rolling paper sizes to choose from.

Choose Natural, Bio-Organic Papers

No matter what type of rolling papers you choose for your next joint, try to select a product that takes advantage of natural and sustainable materials. Not only will this allow you to avoid consuming harmful synthetic chemicals when you smoke, but your choices will also promote responsible manufacturing and material usage from suppliers. All of our products are Child Resistant and GMP Certified.

However, in the end, don’t forget that smoke is still smoke. Even though using all-natural rolling papers is more healthy than smoking a synthetic option, you will still expose yourself to carbon and other harmful by-products if you choose to smoke a hemp joint – or any type of joint. 

Where to Find Hemp Rolling Papers

At Hara Supply, we simplify the process of rolling your next joint by offering our premium pre-rolled cones, available in a range of sizes and styles that will fit the needs of every cannabis smoker. 

We create our cones from fine, handcrafted European paper in options that include Natural Brown, Classic White, and 100% Organic Hemp. Our all-natural pre-rolled cones don’t utilize pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful products. Read our Pre-Roll cone Certifications.

We design the paper for our pre-rolled cones to be slow-burning to extend your smoking experience. If you want to skip the process of preparing and rolling cannabis joints, a pre-rolled cone takes the hassle out of the process. 

If you’re searching for bio-organic cannabis cones, please browse our selection of pre-rolled cones – we also offer custom cones to cannabis users with specific requirements!

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